• Access to the tools to succeed

  • Serious about business growth

  • Setting clear direction

  • Striving instead of thriving

  • Work/life balance

What our customers say about us

  • “Twelve months on we now think this meeting and our decision to keep regularly meeting with Lana and Ian was one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made.
    Lana and Ian have given us real understanding and control of our business; empowered us to shape it the way we want it to be and given us the skills and confidence to make decisions we otherwise might not have.
    Thank you both so much for your time, belief and guidance so far. We’re excited to see what happens next.”

    Leah Tomek Director, Lakeside Psychology
  • I have been using Ian Ash and the OrgMent Talent Solutions for over two years now and suffice to say, we would not be where we are today without the guidance and expertise that Ian and his team have given us over the years. I always thought that implementing everything that we have would make us too corporate and lose our culture but the opposite has occurred. The governance and structure that we have implemented has been integral in our rapid growth and the OrgMent team have been with us every step of the way and always challenging us. Coupled with the extensive and thorough recruitment arm of OrgMent, we now have a single business that we can work with to suit our needs that understands who we are and what we want to achieve.  We look forward to continuing to have OrgMent as a part of our business in all future endeavour and cannot imagine what Abacus would be like if we never engaged with them.

    Rob Tennant, Director, Abacus Visual Solutions Pty Ltd
  • On behalf of everyone in Taiwan team we thank you for the great contribution over past two days. It was a very valuable exercise with strong messages delivered on the desired company culture that will bring us to the next level.

    Roy Ko, ANCA Motion Branch Manager, Taiwan
  • We have been working with Ian for about 18months and have found him to be an excellent business coach and mentor. He has a passion for improving business performance and has a wonderful ability to get the best out of people with his engaging style and concise and meaningful training. A tireless worker and always available to bounce ideas, I would absolutely recommend Ian if you are looking to improve your business.

    Frank Taranto, Managing Director, JBE Australia Pty Ltd
  • Ian has been an incredible asset to Abacus over the years. His approach to coaching not only myself but my team has been a great success and we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for Ian’s coaching. He has a very clear and concise approach to his sessions and his abilities to communicate with people of all personalities is a reason we continue to work closely together and why I recommend him to people whenever I’m given the chance.

    Rob Tennant, Director, Abacus Visual Solutions Pty Ltd
  • “What a team! Wow!  Time efficient, effective, skillful, professional, knowledgeable, patient, understanding and engaging.  Thank-you for the work you have done and the results you have delivered in an incredibly short space of time.  We look forward to continuing to see the influence of your work as our business grows and transforms.”

    Christina de Sousa, CEO Mountain Harvest Foods Pty Ltd
  • “We contacted Lana from Orgment Business Solutions as we needed some assistance with taking our business (ESM Compliance Pty Ltd) to the next level. She developed a detailed and customised program to cater for our company’s needs. Lana is an amazing business coach. She has provided us with the skills and tools we needed to develop a practical and effective strategic Business Strategy Plan and has worked in collaboration with our team to oversee the implementation of this plan. We would highly recommend Orgment Business Solutions to anyone who would also like to develop or improve their business.”

    Samantha Summons, HR Manager ESM Compliance Pty Ltd
  • “After 10 years as the owner of a small business on the cusp of strong growth, I was struggling to find a way out of the all-consuming day to day demands in order to address known problems in key aspects of our business.
    The importance of defining a strategy incorporating core values that represent how our company behaves, evolving an organisational structure that would facilitate growth, and addressing weaknesses in our systems and processes were all well demonstrated to us. In a short space of time we have made significant progress but are still at the beginning of an exciting journey that now has a clear direction!”

    Paul Gamble, Managing Director, Monika Pty Ltd
  • “We are absolutely ‘over the moon’ with what Ian has done for us so far. We have learnt so much in such a short period of time and in a clear, concise, open, very understandable and fun manner. Ian’s knowledge and ability to deliver is highly valued and I can attest to the massive change and success that the “Staff Management Training & Leadership” Program is having. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who needs a great Business Coach / Mentor either for a short term or for long term change and success.”

    Graeme Raper, CEO Exfoliators Pty Ltd
  • “We commissioned Lana to run a strategic planning workshop for Council’s Tourism Advisory Committee. Lana took the time to get to know us and our objectives prior to the workshop. As a result, the workshop was very effective. We achieved more than what we expected and we even finished early. Lana’s approach in facilitating the workshop was also engaging and professional. Participants felt they had been heard and valued. Finally, Lana was innovative in her use of facilitation tools.”

    Frances Grigoriou, Business Development Officer, Cardinia Shire Council
  • “Ian has been providing business advice and services particularly in the areas of company structure, employee roles and business growth. Ian’s approach is structured yet flexible to work in a manner that suited our urgent needs while laying down a strong foundation for future direction and growth. Within a very short period we saw results of these efforts with Ian’s advice and access to a network of resources in the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) being used with great effect to prepare and submit a government tender that would increase our annual turnover 50%. Ian communicates very effectively on all levels to clearly and simply with all involved to bring out the best outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending Ian and OrgMent Business Solutions services to anyone and we will continue to use his services ourselves.”

    David Dickson – CEO Reset (Aust.) Pty Ltd
  • “Ian has an amazingly calm manner and patience with everyone as well as being an excellent communicator and above all, good listener. He has implemented changes within our organisation which everyone now embraces and growth in sales is happening. I am extremely enthusiastic about the company’s future, as is everyone who works here and look forward to our regular meetings with Ian. I have no hesitation in recommending Ian to any company considering using his services.”

    Delia Jones, Director Dewar Electronics Pty. Ltd.
  • “In a short space of time Ian identified some small tweaks in our business model that have caused an avalanche of opportunities. I love the way he finds the little things that bring the biggest results in business. His broad experience and knowledge in a number of key business functions would be extremely valuable to businesses of any size.”

    Wes Towers, Owner Omnific Design
  • “Ian provided me with invaluable advice to put my business on a new path. I received salient and clear information from Ian on the keys to turning my business around. I would recommend Ian to business owners needing clearer direction of strategy and the tools and processes to create success.”

    Scott Brown, Principal Scott Brown Recruitment
  • “Our company, MCS was at the crossroads after 7 years of organic growth. The time had come to establish efficient reporting structures, realign responsibilities and develop a strategic growth plan. Ian was able to systematically assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a strategic framework to facilitate long overdue change. This process had the potential to be difficult and time consuming however Ian’s methodical approach and easy going manner enabled this to be a painless exercise.”

    Gavan Byrne, CEO MCS Sleep and Snoring Solutions
  • “Ian brings a wonderful mix of empathy, humour and professionalism to any role he takes on. Ian has an enormous amount of experience he is prepared to bring in to, and importantly, leave with the organization. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian and Orgment Business Solutions.”

    Geoffrey Nicholas, CEO Enspire Australia Pty Ltd
  • “Ian is truly a remarkable resource to have in any business, he has vast capabilities and competencies, which have allowed me draw on his expertise in many different facets of our organisation.  He is refreshing in his approach – being an excellent communicator as well as listener. I am confident that my continued partnership with Ian will ensure that I reach all my business and personal goals. Thank you Ian for all your guidance and support.”

    Michelle Ward, CEO XCalibre Solutions Pty Ltd
  • “Over the past 2 years Ian has implemented strategies and procedures that have resulted in growth in all areas of the business. Within the first year Ian had achieved outstanding results, not only in a business perspective, but also in our work culture. He was compassionate in what he did, and with his calming influence and sense of humour, fellow employees were able to appreciate those qualities to help in their motivation.

    Ian has been a valuable asset to Clarisse Enterprises. He continually seeks new ideas and business concepts, which in turn, provide the company with greater opportunities and a motivational source to strive for success.”

    Steve Clarisse, CEO Clarisse Enterprises Pty Ltd
  • “Ian has been instrumental in providing us with the guidance we require. Ian’s ‘been there and done that’ approach reconfirms that we are on the right track. He is an excellent communicator who inspires us in every way. Thanks so much for believing in us and helping make our journey more enjoyable.”

    Tracey & Jodie, Greenview Accounting Group
  • “Even though we have good systems in place Ian has been able to show both myself and my management team how to use our time more effectively. With Ian’s experience and help we have been able to concentrate on what is important for each role and have seen huge improvements in our time management, responsibility, scheduling, productivity and our bottom line whilst reducing stress levels overall. With the extra time that I have, I can now look at new innovation and processes and in one part of my business alone have been able to save over $50,000 per year as a result. I have no problems recommending Ian’s services to anyone who want to improve their business and stress levels.”

    David Murphy – Managing Director TRJ Engineering P/L and Reward Metal Products P/L
  • “Our business has experienced significant growth over the last year or so. We wanted to review the business structure and future plans in order to best serve our customers, staff and shareholders. Ian Ash was recommended to us and we are glad he was. With his qualifications, wide-ranging experience and business acumen, we have found Ian to be of immense assistance to us.

    Ian’s ability to see through the daily static and clarify the best way forward has helped us plan more effective work practices and business strategy.
    If you need a business consultant to help in change management or other areas of Ian’s experience consider using Ian’s services, you will be delighted.”

    Warren Jones – Director Panelprint Pty Ltd