Is Business Performance Really Impacted by Culture?

Ever had the situation that you were doing pretty much the same (technical) job in one company as you had done in another but your sense of achievement, enjoyment and fulfilment were radically different? Chances are this was due in no small part to the differences in culture between these organisations and it matters. It Read More

Promoted to Incompetence?

So often Technical Experts are promoted out of their area of competence and into leadership roles. But it’s NOT a leaders’ technical prowess that will make them an effective leader. Agree or disagree? Here’s an interview with the head of one of Australia’s leading Institutes for Leadership, Chip McFarlane. McFarlane talks about the importance of Read More

How to Make Family Businesses Work

My business partner and I have had the privilege of working with many family businesses over the past few years and particularly enjoy this since family members are naturally so passionate about seeing the business succeed.  However, on occasions the business relationships can get blurred by the family relationships, for example if all family members Read More

What Businesses Need Most to Grow

Ian Ash, OMBS Founder and Director, shares how best to fuel business growth in the Economic Development Australia Quarterly Magazine.