Is Business Performance Really Impacted by Culture?

Ever had the situation that you were doing pretty much the same (technical) job in one company as you had done in another but your sense of achievement, enjoyment and fulfilment were radically different? Chances are this was due in no small part to the differences in culture between these organisations and it matters. It Read More

Promoted to Incompetence?

So often Technical Experts are promoted out of their area of competence and into leadership roles. But it’s NOT a leaders’ technical prowess that will make them an effective leader. Agree or disagree? Here’s an interview with the head of one of Australia’s leading Institutes for Leadership, Chip McFarlane. McFarlane talks about the importance of Read More

How to Make Family Businesses Work

My business partner and I have had the privilege of working with many family businesses over the past few years and particularly enjoy this since family members are naturally so passionate about seeing the business succeed.  However, on occasions the business relationships can get blurred by the family relationships, for example if all family members Read More

What Businesses Need Most to Grow

Ian Ash, OMBS Founder and Director, shares how best to fuel business growth in the Economic Development Australia Quarterly Magazine.

The Importance of Setting Goals

“If you don’t know where you are going, then any road can take you there” said the White Rabbit to Alice in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, just one of very many subtle and clever quotes taken from the famous 1865 novel. As we about to start the new year, it is worthwhile taking Read More

The Power of Passion and Belief

The more I work with SMEs, the more I see that results for businesses really come down to three essential things: Passion, Belief and Action.  In this article, I want to focus on just the first two: passion and belief. It is not uncommon for business owners and CEOs that I see to have lost Read More

How to be a Great Business

It is an unfortunate fact that many businesses do not track their own performance which can sometimes lead to some unpleasant surprises, e.g. the first you know that you are overdrawn is when the bank rings you to tell you or you are shocked by the amount of BAS that you need to pay the Read More

The Power of Networking

One of the things that was a major concern for me in starting my own business was my ability to effectively network. I knew it was important and had heard countless others extol the virtues of doing it, but having had relatively little experience of this through my roles in corporate life, I seriously doubted Read More

Personal Effectiveness

Why is it that some people seem to be able to squeeze much more into their lives than others? After all there are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week for all of us, so how come individual effectiveness varies so much? Time management is a particular area of interest for Read More

Good Project Management

This week I want to discuss a subject that I have not touched on before but which nonetheless can have a major impact on business performance and that is project management. Whilst it may look like I am stating the obvious, projects can often get into trouble when it is not clear what they are Read More

5 Key Areas of Business

I have in previous articles discussed the importance of setting goals in order to improve business results, but which areas should be considered when thinking about the goals to be set? If a business is going through tough financial times, it may be tempting to think that all or the majority of goals should have Read More

Power Marketing

What do you think of when you think of marketing? Websites? Facebook? Twitter? Magazine ads? Flyers, posters etc? These are all possible vehicles or channels for promoting your business and it may be tempting to think that if you are using these, then you are effectively marketing yourself, but more important than the channels are Read More

Building the High Performance Team

I am currently working with a couple of businesses that are looking to build “high performance” management teams and as I write this, I wonder how many of you have had the privilege of being part of one. If you have, you will know that I am not talking about a collection of capable people Read More

Time For Yourself

How many of you reading this have all the time you need to get done everything you want to do? This is a question that I always ask as part of our Time Management training and I have yet to find anyone say that they have enough time. So how do you squeeze the quart Read More

Know your numbers

People start businesses for all sorts of reasons (financial control, autonomy in operation, perceived work/life balance etc), but the fundamental reason is that they are good at whatever it is they do, not that they are necessarily good at business. There is no shortage of self-help books and advice on how to start and run Read More